Tuesday, August 29, 2006


ONLINE RESOURCE: Building Vibrant Learning Networks

Have you ever wondered what capacities or characteristics make learning networks "tick?" Have you ever tried to strengthen a learning network but not known where to start? Have you ever wished you knew how to make the highest value investment in a learning network? Over the past several months, learning network experts and practitioners have been coming together to explore the answers to these very questions in a USAID and SNV-funded research initiative conducted by Pact's Capacity Building Services Group (CBSG). Pact is now asking for your support in testing out a framework for measuring network viability by responding to six simple survey questions below. The performance framework is based on findings from early phases of research that brought to the surface expert views on the critical factors that lead to the success of learning networks.

Visit the Pact web site to input scores for each of the six factors as they apply to your own network When you click on Receive your Score, the website will calculate your total, and provide basic feedback on the viability of your network. When you submit your scores, an email will be sent to the CBSG so that consolidated results can be generated.


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