Friday, September 01, 2006


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: CGIAR's Annual General Meeting (AGM06): Innovation Marketplace

A call for applications to take part in this event has been sent to the Centers supported by the CGIAR, to the CGIAR Challenge Programs and to nearly a 1000 CSOs collaborating with them. The Innovation Marketplace will take place during the CGIAR AGM06 at Washington, D.C., on December 3-5, 2006.

Call for Applications:

The purpose of the Innovation Marketplace is to acknowledge and learn from innovative collaboration between CSOs and the CGIAR. For this purpose, representatives of selected CSOs and the Center researchers with whom they work will prepare posters on their joint initiatives. These will be on display at the AGM, and the CSO representatives and their CGIAR partners will be present to share their experiences and ideas.

Up to four of the participating CSO organizations will receive cash prizes of US$30,000 each to fund further collaborative work. In addition, the partnership that receives the most votes cast by AGM06 participants will be given the People's Choice Award (also with a cash value of $30,000). The 25 cases will also feed into small-group discussions during the CSO-CGIAR Forum described below. The cases may further serve as a source of ideas for major new initiatives, which should be designed to foster effective partnerships between CSOs and the CGIAR and will be funded on a competitive basis, as described below.

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