Thursday, October 05, 2006


EMPLOYMENT: Andes Director, Biodiversity Science Unit (CI)

Conservation International, Andes CBC Program is looking for candidates to fill the post of Director, Biodiversity Science Unit in The Andes Region.

Candidates should have the follwing skills and experience: Synthesizing and analyzing multi-disciplinary scientific information; up-to-date, general knowledge of ecological monitoring, modeling, GIS and statistical analysis; Connected with relevant scientific networks and able to build partnerships with a variety of scientific institutions and conservation/development managers; peer-reviewed publications and achievements as a leader and innovator; 15 years experience, including 5 years in Latin America, of scientific research and the application of multi-disciplinary science to conservation and sustainable development.

The deadline for applications is October 29th. Please check Conservation International jobs webpage for more details. Any question should be directed to


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