Friday, November 17, 2006


EMPLOYMENT: Robert Bosch Junior Professorship, Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources

at a German university or research institution of the applicants' choice. We expect joint applications of promising young scientists and potential host institutions. Prerequisite for an application is the willingness of the host institution to guarantee a tenure track position after the expiry of the grant to successfully evaluated position holders.

We seek an outstanding scholar in the research area "sustainable use of renewable natural resources" as it relates to agriculture, forestry, fisheries, use of biodiversity (animal and plant genomic re-sources) and water. Research approaches can root in the natural sciences as well as in the social, economic and political sciences. Focus areas should lie in developing and emerging countries. With this new program we seek to contribute to a better standing of the emerging field of sustainability science in Germany. Scientists who explore this area with new concepts and methods and possess international experience are especially encouraged to apply. Promising concepts are inter-disciplinary and integrating research methods that explore interconnections between global and regional environmental problems. We expect that research results should contribute to the solution of urgent environmental problems.

For more information, guidelines and application procedure, please visit the web site of the Foundation

Application deadline: February 28, 2007


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