Monday, November 27, 2006


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: Sponsoring Empirical Research on Gender and Collective Action

The CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) invites participating CGIAR centers to respond to this Request for Proposals (RFP), with at least one partner organization (research institute or NGO) in the country or countries of research.

The objectives of sponsoring empirical research through the CAPRi program are to:

  1. Develop policy-relevant findings on how the interaction of gender relations with institutions of collective action and, if applicable, property rights can contribute to reducing poverty;
  2. Demonstrate the importance of collective action and property rights issues for the CGIAR's mandate, and mobilize attention and resources for collective action and property rights research informed by a gender perspective within the CGIAR, partner institutions in developing countries, and policymakers at all levels;
  3. Develop and disseminate best practices for methodologies to address the links between gender, collective action, and property rights;
  4. Build or strengthen capacity to do such research in the CGIAR and partner institutions in developing countries.

Research proposals should address at least one of the following topics:

The full RFP and the application form can be accessed at The application (including all the necessary attachments) has to be submitted by a CGIAR center by January 21, 2007 as outlined in the RFP. Please read the RFP carefully before submitting a proposal and keep the CAPRi liaison of your center informed, to allow centers to coordinate their submissions. A CGIAR center can submit more than one proposal, provided that all submissions are endorsed by that center.

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