Tuesday, December 19, 2006


CAPRi Working Papers 58 and 59

CAPRi Working Papers 58 and 59 can now be downloaded from the CAPRi Website. To download them click on the links below the respective paper abstract.

Gender Differences in Mobilization for Collective Action: Case Studies of Villages in Northern Nigeria. Saratu Abdulwahid. CAPRi Working Paper 58. Washington DC: IFPRI. 2006.

Men and women participate in collective action for different purposes in northern Nigeria. Field work conducted in six villages show that while men engage in community activities such as road repairs, maintenance of schools and hospitals, refuse collection and maintenance of the traditional village government, women mobilize around activities such as savings, house and farm work and care giving. [More] - Full Paper

Gender, Social Capital and Information Exchange in Rural Uganda. Enid Katungi, Svetlana Edmeades, and Melinda Smale. CAPRi Working Paper 59. Washington DC: IFPRI. 2006.

Changing agricultural research and extension systems mean that informal mechanisms of information diffusion are often the primary source of information about improved seed and practices for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. This paper investigates the interactions between gender, social capital and information exchange in rural Uganda. [More] - Full Paper

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