Wednesday, January 24, 2007


CAPRi Working Papers 60 and 61 online

CAPRi Working Papers 60 and 61 can now be downloaded from the CAPRi Website. To download them click on the links below the respective paper abstract.

Rural Institutions and Producer Organizations in Imperfect Markets: Experiences from Producer Marketing Groups in Semi-Arid Eastern Kenya. Bekele Shiferaw, Gideon Obare, and Geoffrey Muricho. CAPRi Working Paper No. 60.

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have liberalized markets to improve efficiency and enhance market linkages for smallholder farmers. The expected positive response by the private sector in areas with limited market infrastructure has however been disappointing. The functioning of markets is constrained by high transaction costs and coordination problems along the production-to-consumption value chain. [MORE] - Full Paper

Women’s Collective Action and Sustainable Water Management: Case of SEWA’s Water Campaign in Gujarat, India. Smita Mishra Panda. CAPRi Working Paper No. 61.

This paper discusses the case of the Self Employed Women’s Association’s (SEWA) Women, Water and Work Campaign which began in 1995 in the semi-arid regions of Gujarat. SEWA’s women’s groups, which are initiated through collective action, have been active in sustaining local water management through water harvesting, watershed management, handpump repair, pipeline maintenance and revival of traditional sources of water. [MORE] - Full Paper

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