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From Karen Hampson at ILEIA:

For more than 20 years, ILEIA (The Centre for Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture) has published a quarterly magazine, currently entitled LEISA Magazine, in pursuit of our mission "To contribute to the alleviation of poverty, to enhance ecological sustainability and to safeguard social and cultural integrity of smallholders in developing countries through the further development and promotion of low external input and sustainable agriculture." Subscription is free to individuals and organisations in the South, so maybe you know some people who might like to subscribe – this can be done via the website, by email or in writing to the address below. All past issues of the magazine are also available and fully downloadable at no cost, from our website www.leisa.info. On the website you can also find Calls for articles for upcoming issues, and Authors Guidelines. We have partner organisations in Brazil, Peru, India, Indonesia, China and West Africa all publishing regional editions of the magazine in their various languages, while we here publish a global edition in English. The total number of subscribers is approximately 42 000, and with an estimated 200 000 readers worldwide.

With our most recent issue ('How farmers organise') we also distributed a documentation manual developed by ILEIA - "Learning from Experience: A manual for organising, analysing and documenting field based information." Over the next four years, ILEIA will put more emphasis on the documentation and systematisation of experiences in sustainable agriculture. In our experience, knowledge on LEISA is often developed in the field, as a result of the work of millions of small-scale farmers and the organisations that support them. However, these efforts are very rarely written down and do not get publicised through conventional channels, therefore remaining largely unknown. This reduces the opportunities for learning from these experiences, as well as sharing the learnings and building a wider body of knowledge on LEISA related practices. Recognising this as a major bottleneck for the exchange and dissemination of LEISA information, ILEIA is starting a specific programme in 2007 for increasing the documentation of LEISA experiences. We are looking for partners who would be interested in using the manual, but we are also keen to look at other ways of documenting experiences, highlighting the options available and analysing these different possibilities and their results, creating a forum to share different experiences and draw lessons from them. Some of these have been presented on the web pages http://documentation.leisa.info/index.html and we invite you to share your ideas and initiatives with us. The manual can also be downloaded from this link, in English and Spanish. Portuguese and French versions are under development. For more information please contact: j.chavez-tafur@ileia.nl

Read the articles of the current issue: http://www.leisa.info/index.php?url=magazine-details.tpl&p[readOnly]=0&p[_id]=90648

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