Thursday, April 19, 2007


TRAINING: Market Access for Sustainable Development (Wageningen University)

The course aims to support policy makers, development organizations and professionals in their new role as market facilitators.

It is an introduction to how markets can be used as tools to alleviate poverty in a sustainable manner. The topic will be approached via two related questions, namely:

  1. How can the poor effectively engage in market development?
  2. How can the poor access markets better with their products?

A limited number of fellowships are available for nationals of selected countries at NUFFIC. Candidates who wish to apply for such a fellowship should begin the application procedure as soon as possible by applying for admission to Wageningen International. Upon provisional acceptance, candidates will be informed about the procedure to be followed. See also:,,, Fellowship application deadline: June 1st, 2007.

The admission deadline for application directly to Wageningen International, with funding other than an NFP fellowship, is October 5th, 2007. Further information and application forms can be obtained at


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