Thursday, May 17, 2007


AWARDS: 2007 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition

2007 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition Submissions are being accepted for the 2007 round of the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition, which carries prizes in cash and travel of over US $180,000! Submissions can be for a new research proposal or for a completed research paper on any of the five themes below:

  1. Fragile States: Addressing Vulnerability
  2. Household Exposure to Risk: Effects on Poverty
  3. The Rule of Law: Providing Security for Development
  4. Women's Rights, Security and Development: Challenges and Opportunities
  5. Natural Resources: Risks and Implications for Sustaining Development

The deadline is September 17, 2007. Under each theme, GDN welcomes submissions from all branches of the social sciences (Economics, Political Science, Sociology etc), especially multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects. Submissions from qualified female researchers are particularly encouraged.

The finalists will present their papers and proposals at GDN's Annual Global Development Conference in Brisbane, Australia in January 2008. For more information on the competition, including full descriptions of the themes, visit our website at

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