Wednesday, May 02, 2007


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: International Symposium on “Sustainable Solutions: Focus on Africa”

The Symposium will be held at Delft University of Technology, 1-2 November 2007, Delft, The Netherlands.

The importance of sustainability is recognized worldwide. However, developed and developing nations face different issues on the road to sustainable development. It seems to many that the Western world is consuming far more than its fair share, while developing nations struggle on under the burden of poverty, disease, poor governance, environmental decay, social unrest, rapid population increase, inequity, and gender inequality. Africa is a special case. Indeed, when compared with some countries in Asia, the pace at which living standards have risen in the past five decades has been glacial. The topical focus will be on food, water, energy, health care, urban areas, mobility, and resources, among others.

The deadline is extended: Authors are requested to submit an abstract electronically no later than 15 May 2007.

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