Wednesday, May 09, 2007


CALL FOR PAPERS: Gender, development and rural live (Gender & Development Journal)

Gender & Development is an activist-oriented journal, published by Oxfam GB. It is read and written by development policy makers, researchers, and feminist activists, in over 90 countries. The journal aims to share learning and insights from people who have experience of development work and who are keen to share their insights with others. In doing so, our primary aim is to support development work which promotes gender equality and women's rights.

The March 2008 issue of Gender & Development journal will look at gender, development, and rural livelihoods.

If you would like to contribute, then please send a paragraph outlining your proposed idea to, as soon as possible, and before the commissioning deadline: 29 May 2007.

For more information about Gender & Development, including guidelines for contributors, please visit

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