Wednesday, May 02, 2007


CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue of the Journal “Action Research”

The purpose of this special edition is to tease out and clarify the differing assumptions built into the diverse approaches that now constitute the action research landscape, and to explore the practices which result. It will therefore address the place of theory in action research, exploring suitable topics that might include: the role of theory and understanding in action research; the forms taken by theory in action research; practical processes for building theory and understanding; the relationship between tacit understanding and explicit theory; ways of engaging participants in reaching collective understanding or explicit theory; and the value of local theory and its generalizability or transferability. In the first instance, proposals of about 600 to 800 words are solicited. These should describe clearly the proposed approach, explain the contribution that would be made to the journal issue and to action research generally, and identify what readers will gain.

Proposals must be submitted by 31 September 2007, to Bob Dick, From these proposals, guest editors will invite selected authors to submit full articles for review. The special issue is planned for Volume 7 No 1, final copy date October 2008 to be published in March 2009.

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