Wednesday, August 29, 2007


JOB OPPORTUNITY: 3 Senior Scientists (CIFOR)

CIFOR is looking for creative and visionary candidates to join its Research Team as Senior Scientists. The Scientists, who will work closely with other CIFOR research programmes, will help facilitate and identify strategic opportunities in the fields of forests and livelihoods, and/or environmental services. The Scientists will undertake research, develop and maintain functional partnerships, support capacity-building initiatives, and assist in developing and maintaining donor relations. They will be supportive of staff development, and will encourage continuous improvement and learning. Each position reports to the Director of respective Programme.

(a) Senior Scientists – Climate Change (2 positions). The Scientists will be attached to the Forests and Livelihoods Programme and Environmental Services and Sustainable Use of Forests Programme.

(b) Senior Scientist – Forests and Livelihoods (1 position).

Consideration of external and internal applicants will begin on 30 August 2007. The full announcement can be accessed at

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RESEARCH POSITIONS: Postdoctoral and PhD Position available (IAMO)

The Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO), Halle (Saale), Germany, Department of Structural Development of Farms and Rural Areas, has both a postdoctoral and a PhD position available in the project “Models of farm-level structural change”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project is part of the newly-established DFG research unit “Structural Change in Agriculture” at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences.

Go to for the full announcement. Please submit your application by 15 September 2007.

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Forest with a Name: One Way to Restore a Forest Commons

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Promiscuously Mobile: The Life of Property Rights Regimes

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Thursday, August 23, 2007



The Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) is expanding its research programme and a number of exciting new projects are being launched and is looking to hire:

PLAAS has initiated a five-year programme on Connecting Research to Policy on Land, Fisheries and Poverty in South Africa, with the aim to promote effective policies for theeduction of poverty and inequality and the realisation of socio-economic rights in South Africa, through enhancing the use of research findings to inform policy debates and the design of specific policies. The programme will be managed by a Senior Researcher: Policy Dialogue, who must be available to start as soon as possible.

The successful candidate will be required to analyse the contribution of social movements to reducing poverty.

Closing date for applications to both vacancies is 14 September 2007.

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JOB OPENING: Regional Director for East and Southeast Asia (ESEA)

The WorldFish Center is an international research center with a mission to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. Supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) we undertake collaborative research with partners from more than 50 countries. We employ approximately 270 staff stationed in twelve countries, with headquarters in Malaysia.

The Center seeks a senior researcher and manager to manage and direct our operations in East and Southeast Asia (ESEA). This is an opportunity for a gifted individual to improve the lives of millions of people in Asia. As Regional Director you will serve as the Center’s primary representative in the ESEA region. You will take the lead in setting the strategic focus for the Center’s research in the region, and develop and maintain the Center’s relationship with its investors, partners and stakeholders. With a multidisciplinary team of about 30 researchers and an annual budget of over US$3 million, you will oversee project development and project management for the region. This position reports to the Deputy Director General.


Qualifications and Experience

Closing Date: 30 September 2007;

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JOB OPENING: Programme Team Leader: Indonesia, Tropenbos International

Tropenbos International (TBI) is an internationally operating NGO funded by the Dutch Government and other international organizations. Its mission is to improve management of tropical forests for people, conservation and sustainable development. TBI achieves its mission by implementing demand-driven research and capacity building programmes in support of improved forest policy and forest management in partnership with national and international research institutes and development organizations. TBI is currently active in Colombia, Vietnam, Ghana, Indonesia and Indonesia. In Indonesia , the programme is implemented in partnership with the Forest Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Forestry. A bi-national committee composed of forest sector stakeholders and TBI representatives oversees the programme. For its programme in Indonesia , TBI is searching a Programme Team Leader.

See full vacancy announcement:

Candidates will be short-listed in the week of 10 September, 2007 . Interviews are scheduled in the week of 24 September in Bogor or Jakarta. TBI aims at appointment by November 1, 2007 or as soon after that as possible.

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Desertification, poverty and food security

The Hedon Foundation has a call for proposals at concerning "desertification, poverty and food security". More details online at

Informations en Français à

Note the deadline of 14th September.

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Food Security and Environmental Change Conference

The conference "Food Security and Environmental Change: Linking Science, Development and Policy for Adaptation" will be held in Oxford from 2-4 April 2008. The conference website is

Abstracts are invited by 31 October 2007 for oral and poster presentation exploring the following main themes of the conference:

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CALL FOR CASE STUDIES: Case studies on human rights and climate change (CIEL)

CIEL- the Center for International Environmental Law – is currently developing a database of case studies on human rights and climate change.

These will be examples of how climate change has and will have a direct and potentially devastating effect on the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.

These case studies will also be useful for advocacy, policy development and educational purposes. Together with Earthjustice, CIEL is planning to cite these case studies in climate change and human rights brochure that will be distributed at the December 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties and Meeting of the Parties of the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP) meeting in Bali. They will also be posted on CIEL's website and freely distributed for teaching purposes at universities.

You are invited to contribute a short case study (approximately 2/3 pages) focusing on a vulnerable area or group of people threatened by climate change. If this seems like something that may be of interest to you, please contact CIEL to let them know.

Please contact Lauren Baker ( or Craig Hart ( for more information. If you contact Lauren, she will be able to send you more detailed guidelines and a sample case study, for your reference.

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ONLINE JOURNALS: Free or Open Access Journals

Compiled by Gene Shackman from The Global Social Change Research Project (

There are lots of free journals on the web, a lot related to social science:

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ONLINE PUBLICATION: – issue on accountability

I received this through the Pelikan group (

The latest issue of focuses on citizens' initiatives to hold decision makers, service providers and development practitioners accountable to their commitment to reduce poverty, and could be of interest to some of you given our earlier discussions here. The articles of this issue of look at two relationships:

(1) Between governments and their citizens;

(2) Between national governments and the international donor community.

The issue includes a review of definitions and key elements of accountability, and highlights interesting experiences from different countries on capacity building in the context of budget tracking by communities as well as support to budget advocacy organisations.

Please use this link to download the issue in PDF format: or

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


JOB OPPORTUNITY: Senior Program Officer, Rural Poverty and Environment (IDRC)

The selected candidate will contribute to overall programme development by providing intellectual leadership in adaptation to change in complex systems in rural areas of the developing world, and by leading the development of research projects in the Rural Poverty and Environment (RPE) programme.

Closing Date: September 9, 2007

For the full announcement go to



JOB OPPORTUNITY: Research and Evaluation Manager, Population and Social Transitions Team (ICRW)

The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), a private, non-profit organization that conducts policy-oriented research focusing on gender and development issues internationally, seeks an Evaluation and Research Coordinator to manage project activities on two major research initiatives within the Population and Social Transition team: ICRW’s Strategic and Measurement support to the Nike Foundation, and the Evidence Building for the Coalition on Adolescent Girls. This position is based in Washington, DC and will report to the Team Director, Population and Social Transitions.

For more information go to



FELLOWSHIPS: Vavilov-Frankel Fellowships

The Vavilov-Frankel Fellowships Fund aims to encourage the conservation and use of plant genetic resources in developing countries by awarding Fellowships to outstanding young researchers to carry out relevant innovative research at an advanced research institute outside their own country for a period of between three months and one year.

The closing date for this year’s Fellowships is 5 November 2007.

Go to for the full announcement. For additional information on the Scheme, please contact Elisabetta Rossetti, focal point for the Fellowships, at

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Research into Use (RIU) Innovation Challenge Fund: Phase 1 Asia

The purpose of the Innovation Challenge Fund is to provide financial support to take promising research, funded by DFID (and other agencies where appropriate), to the next stage of use. The initiatives will contribute to RIU’s purpose by delivering significant use of RNRRS and other natural resources research outputs for the benefit (direct or indirect) of poor men and women in different contexts.

Closing date for submission of Concept Notes: Sunday, 30th September, 12 noon (GMT+1)

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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Become a member of the International Land Coalition

The members of the International Land Coalition are encouraged by the rising levels of interest and commitment of development actors to improve the land rights of poor rural women and men. A pro-poor land agenda is beginning to emerge. There is increasing interest in the work of the ILC as a global convener on land rights. We are a global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organizations working together to promote secure and equitable access to and control over land for poor women and men through advocacy, dialogue, and capacity-building. Your organization can help fulfill that mission.

All materials to apply for membership in the International Land Coalition are available online at

El material relativo a la candidatura para hacerse miembro de la Coalición Internacional para el Acceso la Tierra está disponible a la pagína

Les documents relatifs au formulaire de candidature sont disponsibles sur le site internet

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation: Roles of Traditional Forest-related Knowledge

Place: Kunming, China Date: 17 – 20 December 2007 Last Date for abstract: 31 August 2007 Contact email/website: Liu Jinlong,;

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: XIIIth World Water Congress

Place: Montpellier, France Date: 1 – 4 September 2008 Last Date for abstract: 31 August 2007 Contact email/website:;

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ONLINE RESOURCE: Free access to SAGE journals

Get acquainted with SAGE's many journals in Sociology now during their free online access period. They are currently offering free full-text access to more than thirty journals until September 30, 2007. Register on the link below and you will gain immediate access to many high quality journals:

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ONLINE PUBLICATION: New evaluation guide from GrantCraft

In this guide, learn about a unique evaluation method and how contributors have used it to evaluate programs in agriculture, early childhood development, and immigration. Part of a series on evaluation techniques.

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ONLINE RESOURCE: Decision Markets

A decision market (also known as a prediction, information, or idea market) is a speculative market designed to make predictions on the outcome of a particular event. It is like a stock market where people buy and sell shares of ideas instead of companies. The market harnesses the wisdom of the crowd by aggregating the knowledge of its players-development practitioners, academics, and professionals-and representing it as a single share price. When taken together, this information can provide a powerful indication of the quality of an idea.

To see the tool in action you can look at the following markets:;

Some background can be found at


Wednesday, August 01, 2007


JOB OPPORTUNITY: Leader of IFPRI'S Country Strategy Program in Uganda

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks a qualified candidate at the rank of Research Fellow (RF)/Senior Research Fellow (SRF) to serve as a Policy Analyst to provide policy advice to the Plan for Modernization of Agriculture (PMA) Secretariat, and as the Leader of its Country Strategy Program in Uganda. This position is based in Kampala, Uganda.

Closing Date is August 9, 2007 or until filled. The full announcement can be viewed at

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is seeking Directors for its Near East & North Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean Divisions.

The Directors lead IFAD’s relationships with member countries in the regions. S/he is responsible for the development of work programme and its alignment with corporate priorities. The Director is held accountable for managing for development results: sustainable reduction in rural poverty.

Director Near East and North Africa Division - deadline: 13 August 2007:

Director Latin America and the Caribbean Division - deadline: 13 August 2007:

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FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Small Grants Program (The World Bank)

The Small Grants Program is one of the few Bank global programs that directly funds civil society organizations. The goal is to strengthen the voice and influence of poor and marginalized groups in the development process. Administered through the Bank's country offices, the Program involves citizens who are often excluded from the public arena. By increasing their capacity to influence policy and program decisions, the grants help facilitate ownership of development initiatives by a broader sector of society. Read more at

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Governing shared resources: Connecting local experience to global challenges, 12th Biennial Global IASC Conference

The 12th Biennial Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons is hosted by the University of Gloucestershire located in Cheltenham, England and will be held from July 14 – July 18, 2008.

The emphasis of the conference is the exchange of knowledge on shared resources or ‘commons’: between developing and developed world, between practitioners and researchers, and between old and ‘new’ commons. The overarching theme of governing shared resources aims to encourage discussion on new ways of using, managing, protecting and creating what many understand as ‘commons’. The themes recognize the wide variety of understanding over the term ‘commons’ and the need to link practical experience at the local level with larger global commons issues.

We intend the conference to focus on the exchange of ideas between developing and developed world, between practitioners and researchers, and between old and new conceptions of commons. Policy improvements will only result through discussion and testing of new theories, approaches and new knowledge. The conference will provide a range of opportunities for those with the ‘hands-on’ experience of resource management to engage with researchers trying to understand, synthesize and develop new theories about the collective management of shared resources. We hope to explore these issues through a series of six themes that will link the different elements of the conference together.

Conference sub-themes: (Complete details of themes are online at:

  1. Understanding the benefits of commons
  2. Property rights: recognition, protection and creation
  3. Community and governance: exploring new approaches
  4. Analysing the multi-functional nature of complex commons
  5. Evolution and enclosure of commons
  6. Social movements, networks and collective action

For more information, to read the full announcement and to find out how to submit abstracts go to Abstract Deadline: October 30, 2007. Email:

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ONLINE PUBLICATION: Making a Difference: M&E of Policy Research (ODI Working Paper 281)

This paper aims to advance understanding on how to monitor and evaluate policy research, i.e. research that is undertaken in order to inform and influence public policy. Policy is defined very broadly to encompass both policy decisions and processes, including implementation.

The paper is written with research programmes and institutions in mind, rather than individual researchers. It presents examples and approaches on how to do M&E of policy research from the current experience of a range of research institutes, think tanks and funding bodies. The approaches have been divided into the following five key performance areas: (i) Strategy and direction; (ii) Management; (iii) Outputs; (iv) Uptake; and (v) Outcomes and impacts. Research programmes or institutes may wish to focus on only one of these areas, or may combine approaches across the areas to form a more comprehensive M&E plan.

The paper can be downloaded at

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