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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Governing shared resources: Connecting local experience to global challenges, 12th Biennial Global IASC Conference

The 12th Biennial Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons is hosted by the University of Gloucestershire located in Cheltenham, England and will be held from July 14 – July 18, 2008.

The emphasis of the conference is the exchange of knowledge on shared resources or ‘commons’: between developing and developed world, between practitioners and researchers, and between old and ‘new’ commons. The overarching theme of governing shared resources aims to encourage discussion on new ways of using, managing, protecting and creating what many understand as ‘commons’. The themes recognize the wide variety of understanding over the term ‘commons’ and the need to link practical experience at the local level with larger global commons issues.

We intend the conference to focus on the exchange of ideas between developing and developed world, between practitioners and researchers, and between old and new conceptions of commons. Policy improvements will only result through discussion and testing of new theories, approaches and new knowledge. The conference will provide a range of opportunities for those with the ‘hands-on’ experience of resource management to engage with researchers trying to understand, synthesize and develop new theories about the collective management of shared resources. We hope to explore these issues through a series of six themes that will link the different elements of the conference together.

Conference sub-themes: (Complete details of themes are online at:

  1. Understanding the benefits of commons
  2. Property rights: recognition, protection and creation
  3. Community and governance: exploring new approaches
  4. Analysing the multi-functional nature of complex commons
  5. Evolution and enclosure of commons
  6. Social movements, networks and collective action

For more information, to read the full announcement and to find out how to submit abstracts go to Abstract Deadline: October 30, 2007. Email:

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