Wednesday, August 29, 2007


JOB OPPORTUNITY: 3 Senior Scientists (CIFOR)

CIFOR is looking for creative and visionary candidates to join its Research Team as Senior Scientists. The Scientists, who will work closely with other CIFOR research programmes, will help facilitate and identify strategic opportunities in the fields of forests and livelihoods, and/or environmental services. The Scientists will undertake research, develop and maintain functional partnerships, support capacity-building initiatives, and assist in developing and maintaining donor relations. They will be supportive of staff development, and will encourage continuous improvement and learning. Each position reports to the Director of respective Programme.

(a) Senior Scientists – Climate Change (2 positions). The Scientists will be attached to the Forests and Livelihoods Programme and Environmental Services and Sustainable Use of Forests Programme.

(b) Senior Scientist – Forests and Livelihoods (1 position).

Consideration of external and internal applicants will begin on 30 August 2007. The full announcement can be accessed at

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