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Mexico's New Generation of Female Forest Defenders Women are at the forefront of the movement to defend and restore the forests of Guerrero state in southern Mexico. Founded in 2001, the Women's Environmentalist Organization of the Sierra of Petatlan (OMESP) promotes sustainable and organic agriculture, forest fire prevention, reforestation, water and soil conservation, and recycling. (…) read the full post at

Barros on Putnam on Group Size, Diversity, and Cooperation D. Benjamin Barros (Widener University School of Law) has posted Group Size, Heterogeneity, and Prosocial Behavior: Designing Legal Structures to Facilitate Cooperation in a Diverse Society on SSRN. (…) Read the full post at

Pambazuka News: Review of African Blogs Dibussi Tande brings this week's selection which covers: Zambians living abroad; the vulnerabilities of South Africa; identity and belonging in Africa; political involvement and the younger generation in Malawi; persecution of members of the African LGBTI community in a number of African countries; and the elections held in Cameroon in July 2007. (…) Read the full post at

A way for Rural communities to access Web2.0 tools SANGOnet is an Information Communication Technology NGO in Southern Africa that promotes and support ICT projects in the region. They are currently setting up Citizen Journalism project with the aim of promoting the use of Web 2.0 by rural communities on issues of development. (…) Read the full post at

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