Tuesday, October 23, 2007


ONLINE JOURNAL: First issue of the International Journal of the Commons


We are pleased to announce that the first issue of the International Journal of the Commons is now available. The IJC is dedicated to furthering our understanding of institutions for the use and management of resources that are (or could be) enjoyed collectively, or in short, ‘the commons’. The first issue of this open access journal, with guest editors Elinor Ostrom and Frank van Laerhoven, gives an overview of commons studies in different disciplines and from different perspectives and can now be browsed, downloaded, read, and copied (for more information on this issue, see below).

Please, visit the journal at http://www.thecommonsjournal.org, and register as a reader to receive regular updates on new articles. Of course, we also hope that you will consider the IJC as a suitable journal to publish your results on the commons.

The goals of the IJC are to present both reviews of recent research and cutting edge research articles, written by experts with different disciplinary backgrounds. We hope that this journal becomes an indispensable tool for students and scholars of commons, and a source of inspiration for administrators, looking for ideas about managing different types of commons.

The International Journal of the Commons is an open access e-journal. It is open access not as an advertising gimmick but as a matter of policy for managing the knowledge commons. Its articles can be freely used in teaching and distributed at conferences and workshops. So, please announce its presence to your students, colleagues and friends.

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