Tuesday, November 06, 2007



A new Social Contract?

Friday, November 2, at the University of Michigan, game-theorist Brian Skyrms gave the Tanner Lecture on Human Values, and his topic was "The Evolution of the Social Contract."
Saturday, November 3, there was a symposium to respond to and discuss his lecture. Invited speakers were Elinor Ostrom, Michael Smith, and Peyton Young. (...) read the full post at http://onthecommons.org/node/1225

Uganda Protects Rainforest Over Biofuels - Motives Unclear

Whenever Lloyd has dared to question the logic of the Malaysian palm oil industry in clearing rainforests for biofuels, he has attracted furious responses from supporters of the industry. However, it seems that the Ugandan government may have avoided a similar controversy before it has even started, dropping plans to allow a private company to grow sugar cane for biofuels in a forest reserve that is home to more than 300 species of birds, (...) read the full post at http://feeds.treehugger.com/~r/treehuggersite/~3/176861279/uganda_protects_rainforests_over_biofuels.php

Land security leading to food security in Guatemala

Guatemala's 36-year civil war ended in 1996 and the country now enjoys political stability. But the years of conflict, coupled with long-standing oppression of indigenous peoples, has left Guatemalans with a crippling legacy of poverty and insecurity. (...) read the full post at http://www.new-ag.info/07/06/focuson/focuson3.php

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