Wednesday, December 12, 2007


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: NEPAD-Spanish Fund for Empowerment of Women

On behalf of the NEPAD/AECI Steering Committee, the Secretariat is inviting proposals from institutions involved in implementing programs that have the potential to unlock women’s economic potential, fight poverty, close gender gaps, empower women, are contributing to the achievement of MDGs and the attainment of sustainable development. The application format should contain characteristics such as the Purpose, Beneficiaries, Duration of the projects to be financed (up to 6 months), proposed Budget, Geographical location and thematic priority. The application should be in a prescribed format and be will be subjected to selection criteria.

More information at and

All the Applications should be addressed to the Steering Committee and be submitted electronically to the NEPAD Secretariat by 1PM 15th January 2008. Details here.

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