Thursday, January 24, 2008



Household forestry in China gives tenure to millions

The household responsibility system, a program created in the 1980s in China, has been allocating the right to use land to individual farmer households for large periods of time, in some cases as many as 70 years. (...) read the full post at

Kenya: mapping the dark and the light

Like many of you, I’ve been following the events in Kenya closely the past three weeks. One way to measure the continuing protest and unrest is to follow the story through Ushahidi, a citizen media site put together by friends of mine to allow Kenyans to post news about post-election unrest and violence. (...) read the full post at

Proposed Actions [from Farmers First Revisited]

The good news from the UN’s recently released World Economic Situation and Prospects is that the developing world’s economies grew on average by just under 7% last year. (...) read the full post at


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