Thursday, March 20, 2008



African Agriculture and the World Bank: Development or impoverishment?
Agriculture’s dominant role in Sub-Saharan Africa’s local, national and regional economies and cultures throughout pre-colonial history has been foundational to 20th century colonial and post-colonial development. No other continent has been so closely identified with smallholder peasant farming. (...) read the full post at

Wangari Maathai - on equal distribution of land and natural resources in Kenya
In a recent opinion piece published in the Washington Post, Kenyan Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai discussed the steps to acheiving a lasting peace and good governance in Kenya. (...) read the full post at

Global View of Peopled Nature
The maps we make of the world say a lot about how we think of ourselves in it. Most world maps put people in one box and nature in another. (...) read the full post at

Forcing It, Word-of-Mouth, and Community “Factor X"
I’ve been writing quite a bit in this blog about the potential differences between corporately-sponsored, maintained, fostered and seeded communities, and the sorts of communities that organize themselves from the grassroots up. (...) read the full post at

Governing the Commons: Roommates Sharing Milk
This past weekend in his Dear economist column in the Financial Times, Tim Harford takes on the question of how to minimize free riding among roommates who share a refrigerator. (...) read the full post at

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