Thursday, April 17, 2008



Capacity for a Change (IDS)
A new report based on a workshop convened by IDS calls for a sea change in approaches to ‘capacity development’ (CD). Capacity for a Change emphasizes dialogue, the importance of learning and promoting empowering relationships, rather than applying limited technical models. Download it here

Nesting community-based NRM for regional accountability and grassroots cooperation
The report is called 'Community-based regional delivery of natural resource management: Building system-wide capacities to motivate voluntary farmer adoption of conservation practices'.

The report's Executive Summary can be accessed at The full report CANNOT be downloaded from that address, but you can request the full report by writing to gmarshal [at] une [dot] edu [dot] au.

Farmer First Revisited Conference Summary
All papers presented at the Farmer First Revisited Conference are now posted at In addition, you can download a workshop summary at

The workshop organizers encourage everyone to reply and comment. In particular on the summary, they would like to know from you whether have we got the flavour of the discussions right? Are there critical things missing? Have they got any things plain wrong? You can also share your views on the blog at

We had previously posted about this conference here.

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