Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Microfinance, micro-impacts?
These few lines came to my mind after one of our Board of Directors’ meetings devoted, among other things, to a new participation in an important microfinance institution in Morocco - a country famous for its involvement in the sector. I have, for a long time, been an avid supporter of microfinance. (...) read the full post on the Ideas4Development Blog.

Int’l agencies call for a change in farming
A report of the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development was released yesterday, it calls for a real change in farming rules if the global community wants to effectively address such issues as the food crisis and climate change. The changes proposed by the report has the backing of 64 countries, as well as the World Bank and WHO. (...) read the full post at The Agrobiodiversity Grapevine.

Is Private Property Anti-Environment?
Has it ever occurred to you that the whole concept of private property might be innately harmful to the natural environment? While I’ve always recognized that indigenous cultures viewed the land as a blessing to all, not as something belonging to individuals, I never really made that concept personal until now. (...) read the full post at Green Options.

Knowledge network in Sub-Saharan Africa (ENB / IISD)
The UN International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD) has approved a grant to expand and support a knowledge network to connect development partners working on initiatives to reduce rural poverty in Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa. (...) read the full post at the Desertification blog.

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