Tuesday, June 03, 2008


ONLINE RESOURCE: Climate Change Adaptation Wiki (wikiADAPT)


wikiADAPT is a flexible, accessible, inclusive medium for enhancing the knowledge base of the climate adaptation community. This page provides information on the weADAPT collaboration and using, editing and navigating this site. To skip to more technical pages, please go straight to wikiADAPT.

The wiki is a collaborative project, and the idea is to have a community of contributors, not just users - so don't be afraid to add new pages or edit existing ones if you feel you can! The one thing we ask is for you to sign any work you've done in the Discussion Pages. Below you will find ideas on how to contribute, and guidance on how to edit the wiki, so get involved! We now have basic tutorials on editing and navigating wikiADAPT - take a look! - and an FTP space for storing very large files.

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