Wednesday, July 02, 2008


CAPRi Working Papers on Poverty Reduction

We just published the first set of papers from our collaborative project on Collective Action and Property Rights for Poverty Reduction.

CAPRi Working Paper 81
Property Rights, Collective Action, and Poverty: The Role of Institutions for Poverty Reduction by Monica Di Gregorio, Konrad Hagedorn, Michael Kirk, Benedikt Korf, Nancy McCarthy, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Brent Swallow, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 82
Collective action and property rights for poverty reduction: A review of methods and approaches by Esther Mwangi and Helen Markelova, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 83
Collective Action and Vulnerability: Burial Societies in Rural Ethiopia by Stefan Dercon, John Hoddinott, Pramila Krishnan, and Tassew Woldehannnam, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 84
Shocks, Groups, and Networks in Bukidnon, Philippines by Agnes R. Quisumbing, Scott McNiven, and Marie Godquin, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 85
Community Watershed Management in Semi-Arid India: The State of Collective Action and its Effects on Natural Resources and Rural Livelihoods by Bekele Shiferaw, Tewodros Kebede, and V. Ratna Reddy, read the abstract

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