Monday, July 21, 2008


CAPRi Working Papers on Poverty Reduction II

Here is the second batch of papers from the collaborative project on Collective Action and Property Rights for Poverty Reduction.

CAPRi Working Paper 86
Enabling Equitable Collective Action and Policy Change for Poverty Reduction and Improved Natural Resource Management in the Eastern African Highlands African Highlands Initiative by Laura German, Waga Mazengia, Wilberforce Tirwomwe, Shenkut Ayele, Joseph Tanui, Simon Nyangas, Leulseged Begashaw, Hailemichael Taye, Zenebe Admassu, Mesfin Tsegaye, Francis Alinyo, Ashenafi Mekonnen, Kassahun Aberra, Awadh Chemangeni, William Cheptegei, Tessema Tolera, Zewdie Jotte and Kiflu Bedane, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 87
The transformation of the Afar commons in Ethiopia: State coercion, diversification and property rights change among pastoralists by Bekele Hundie, and Martina Padmanabhan, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 88
Unmaking the commons: Collective action, property rights and resource appropriation among (agro-) pastoralists in eastern Ethiopia by Fekadu Beyene, and Benedikt Korf, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 89
Escaping poverty traps? Collective action and property rights in post-war rural Cambodia by Anne Weingart and Michael Kirk, read the abstract

CAPRi Working Paper 90
Collective Action to Secure Property Rights for the Poor: A Case Study in Jambi Province, Indonesia by Heru Komarudin, Yuliana L. Siagian, and Carol J. Pierce Colfer, read the abstract

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