Tuesday, July 08, 2008


EMPLOYMENT: Global Land Tools Network


The Global Land Tools Network is seeking candidates for the following positions.

Deadline for both is August 7, 2008, [more]

Land Specialist (P/L4)

The technical expert for the land sector group will be required to support the land sector donor group of Kenya, as they work with the Government of Kenya in undertaking a wide range of activities such as the development of LIMs, pilot projects to improve the overall land system, as well as to address urban, peri-urban, rural and/or post conflict areas, contribute towards the development of land policy implementation approaches for the purpose of increasing security of tenure for the poor in Kenya, and contribute towards research, and the evaluation and documentation of large scale land tools to deliver on the land reform process in Kenya, among other duties.

Land and environment expert

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop a scoping paper on the relationship between land management approaches and the environment. The intention is to provide a broad overview on the linkages between land and environment moving from a scientific framework to a country level implementation framework and what this means in terms of urban and rural. The intention is to produce a global overview on the key environmental issues relating to land use, land management and land administration. Issues on climate change should also be included in the overview but should not dominate the entire report.

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