Tuesday, July 08, 2008



Agriculture and energy in Africa
Having just returned from Senegal, I want to share my thoughts with you on an issue that became strikingly clear to me: the favorable perspectives shaping up for Africa’s agriculture and their complex implications for future energy choices. [...]

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Bad Juice: World Bank Blames Biofuels for High Food Prices
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the cornfield, it turns out biofuels are the overwhelming reason food prices around the world have shot up in recent years—not the minor factor in food prices that other recent analyses have found. [...]

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Biofuel Crop Expansion Will Destroy Important Kenyan Coastal Wetland
A recently approved plan by the Kenyan government to expand sugarcane cultivation for biofuels in the Tana River Delta will devastate this important coastal wetland, according to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The plan calls for more than 80 square miles of wetland to be destroyed and replaced with sugarcane plantations. [...]

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