Tuesday, August 05, 2008


PUBLICATIONS: Biofuels, Land and Poverty

Fuelling exclusion? The biofuels boom and poor people's access to land by Lorenzo Cotula, Nat Dyer, Sonja Vermeulen

The global biofuels boom risks harming poor people in poor countries by forcing them off land they depend on, says a report published on 2 June by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. But the report adds that biofuels are not all bad, and shows that their production can also allow poor groups to increase their access to land and improve their livelihoods if the right policies are in place.

Download the paper (PDF, 1246k)

How biofuel policies are deepening poverty and accelerating climate change by Oxfam International

The current biofuel policies of rich countries are neither a solution to the climate crisis nor the oil crisis, and instead are contributing to a third: the food crisis. In poor countries, biofuels may offer some genuine development opportunities, but the potential economic, social, and environmental costs are severe, and decision makers should proceed with caution.

Download the paper (PDF, 383k)

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