Thursday, September 25, 2008


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EMPLOYMENT: Knowledge Sharing Officer, Climate Change Adaptation (FARA)

The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa in partnership with Environment and Development Action in the Third World (ENDA-TM) based in Senegal, IGAD Climate Predictions and Applications Centre (ICPAC) based in Kenya and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) based in the United Kingdom is seeking to recruit a Knowledge Sharing Officer to lead the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa project or the AfricaAdapt project

The AfricaAdapt project is a three-year project funded by IDRC and DFID. The overall aim of the project is to ‘improve the livelihoods of vulnerable people in Africa through increasing access to and use of knowledge assets by all stakeholders on climate change adaptation’. By linking with a variety of stakeholders, particularly those already engaged in climate adaptation research, the project intends to create a knowledge-sharing network of climate change adaptation actors across Africa.

The Knowledge Sharing Officer will be based at the FARA Secretariat in Accra, Ghana. Preference will be given to AU nationals.

Deadline for receipt of applications is 1 October 2008.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Researcher, Remote Sensing & GIS (IWMI)

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI)  seeks a highly competent and motivated individual for the position of Researcher: Remote Sensing & GIS. The successful candidate will be based in IWMI’s Nile Basin East Africa office, and will work IWMI’s Water Availability and Access, and Productive Water Use Themes. The purpose of the role is to conduct research in natural resources management using GIS and remote sensing tools.

Closing date: 15 October, 2008,   [more information]


FELLOWSHIPS: Natural Environment Research Council

The Natural Environment Research Council Fellowship scheme provides opportunities for outstanding environmental scientists to devote their time to research, develop their research careers and produce work of international importance. Around thirty fellowships are available to start around October 2009.

NERC Fellowships are open to any nationality; deadline for application is 30 October 2008 at 16:00.

[more information]



The Visiting Scholars Programme is intended to give qualified scholars an opportunity to undertake research on topics related to development and/or global economic issues, to participate in UNU-WIDER activities, and to contribute to UNU-WIDER publications. It is also designed to aid the dissemination of UNU-WIDER research and to contribute to the UNU-WIDER outreach programme.

The PhD Research Internship Programme aims to provide PhD (doctoral degree) students registered at a university and similar research institutions the opportunity to (1) utilise the resources and facilities available at UNU-WIDER for their PhD thesis research; (2) produce papers suitable for publication in the Research Paper series and elsewhere; (3) to work jointly with UNU-WIDER researchers in areas of mutual interest.

Applications must be received by post (not email) by the closing date: 30 September 2008. Further details about the programmes and the application process are available at


EVENT: Online Conference on Pro-poor Market Facilitation

The Market Facilitation Initiative aims to assist practitioners working in Pro-Poor Market Development to move from market assessments and program design to implementation by advancing practical principles, techniques, methods and tools that achieve sustainable impact at scale.  

The Online Conference on Pro-Poor Market Facilitation (29 Sep – 3 Oct) will provide an opportunity to share your experiences with and learn form a vast group of international practitioners.   This online conference will allow members to share ideas and experiences on facilitation, fine-tune the preliminary findings of the literature review, and influence the research agenda for 2009. For more details and instructions to join go to


PUBLICATIONS: Equity, Poverty and Environment, WRI

The Equity, Poverty and Environment Objective at WRI just sent out an announcement of its new publications. A long list of new publications is now available online at with links to all of our publications since 2000.


ONLINE RESOURCE: Hands ON - The Earth Report from

The 'Hands On-Ideas to Go' website is an exciting multi-media initiative, part of TVE's award-winning EARTH REPORT series! Described by one regular viewer as "the best environmental programme around" they bring you information on what people around the world are doing to meet the practical challenges of Agenda 21 - the Earth Summit's action plan to save people and planet.

A particular report that is interesting for CAPRi was about The Bhoomi Project.

[more information]

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This Week's Posts


EMPLOYMENT: Coordinator for Asia (ILC)

The International Land Coalition Secretariat is seeking a dynamic, results-oriented Regional Coordinator for Asia, to work with civil society and intergovernmental stakeholders for pro-poor land policies and governance. To be based and hosted in Manila, Philippines, the Regional Coordinator will develop, manage and monitor a multi-year regional platform and program of work, with the responsibility for managing regional secretariat operations and programs, resource mobilization, building strategic partnerships among diverse stakeholders, and representation with policy makers at national and regional levels.

Applications must be received on or before 20 September 2008,   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Women's Access to Land and Resource Mobilisation (ILC)

The Secretariat of the International Land Coalition (ILC) is seeking a Programme Officer for the ILC Secretariat as focal point for Women’s Access to Land as well the mobilisation of resources for the implementation of the ILC Strategic Framework 2007-2011.

Deadline for applications: 01 October 2008,   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Head of Communication, Documentation and Information Services (ICARDA)

ICARDA is seeking to hire a new Head of Communication, Documentation and Information Services (CODIS). The Head of CODIS will have the overall responsibility for developing and implementing a communications strategy with clear outcomes, and branding of ICARDA, making use of latest ICT technologies. S/he will provide leadership for the activities of a team of over 20 staff members in diverse areas (web design, writing, science editing, publications design and layout, web publishing, printing, library and documentation, and information/knowledge management and dissemination) to promote awareness and impact of ICARDA’s work; develop partnerships, networks and alliances; and be responsible for staff development and operational and capital budgets.

Applications must be received by 30 September 2008.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Rural Employment and Poverty Reduction (FAO)

The Gender, Equity and Rural Employment Division (ESW) of FAO is seeking to hire a Senior Officer, Rural Employment and Poverty Reduction. Among another duties the incumbent will:

Deadline is 22 October 2008,   [more information]


SCHOLARSHIPS: PhD in Dryland Resource Management.

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) is offering a few scholarships for the regional PhD program in Dryland Resource Management. The program will be hosted in Kenya by the University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology, but run on a regional platform.

Apply by 20 September 2008.   [more information]


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Rise in agricultural prices: a chance for small rural producers?

The Chorlaví Group calls public and private organizations and civil
society institutions interested in the rural problems of Latin America, to participate in the Mink’a de Chorlaví Fund 2008 Contest.  The subject of this year's contest is: “Rise in agricultural prices: a chance for small rural producers?”  In this contest, the Fund will allocate an estimated sum of US$ 175,000 which will be distributed between 10 and 12 projects.

Deadline to submit project profiles is September 30, 2008 (13:00h, Santiago de Chile time),   [more information]


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Alternative Development Program in Afghanistan (USAID)

USAID has issued this Request for Applications to implement an Alternative Development Program to increase licit and commercially viable agricultural-based alternatives for rural Afghans with the goal of significantly reducing and ultimately eradicating poppy production throughout Afghanistan. Subject to the availability of funds, this competitively awarded five year Cooperative Agreement shall focus across those provinces within the north, east and west of Afghanistan where poppy eradication has been showing success, security issues are comparatively reduced and opportunities are most abundant.

The closing date for applications is October 27, 2008.   For more information go to and search for the Funding Opportunity Number: 306-08-027-RFI


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: New local and regional YPARD initiatives

The Young Professionals' Platform for Agricultural Research (YPARD) is calling for proposals for individuals and organizations wishing to set up local and regional initiatives. With funds from SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation), YPARD will be supporting these local/regional initiatives. Each approved initiative will be granted with a maximum of EUR 5, 000 seed funds. Funds are available for supporting a maximum number of five initiatives. Young professional and any organization in agricultural research for development may join forces with other individuals and/or organizations in their country or region to bring together other young professionals (YPs) to discuss, debate and act on key issues revolving Agricultural Research for Development (ARD). The group of individuals or organizations that seeks to institutionalize this way of interacting should send a concept note or proposal to the YPARD Coordination Unit.

Deadline is 31 October 2008.   [more information]

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IAMO together with its partners within the MACE project will conduct the Third Green Week Scientific Conference titled "Multi-Level Processes of Integration and Disintegration" on January, 14-15, 2009 at the ICC in Berlin. Especially young scientists are expected to play an active role at the conference.

Deadline for submission of abstracts and grant applications: September 30, 2008,    [more information]


Thirteenth International Forestry and Environment Symposium will be held on 27 - 28 December 2008 at Tangerine Beach Hotel, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Theme of the Symposium is Developments in Forestry and Environment Management in 2008.

The deadline for submission of abstracts through the website is 30 September 2008.   [more information]


The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is welcoming proposals for symposia, workshops, discussion groups, and short courses for Conservation: Harmony for Nature and Society, which will be held from 11 - 16 July 2009 in Beijing, China.

All proposals must be submitted by 15 October 2008.   [more information]


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Knowledge Share Fair for Agricultural Development and Food Security

On the 20-22 January 2009, the CGIAR ICT-KM program, Bioversity International, FAO, IFAD and WFP will be organizing a 3-day event in FAO's Headquarters in Rome entitled "Knowledge Share Fair for Agricultural Development and Food Security".

Submissions are now open for your knowledge sharing cases.  The closing date is 15 October 2008.

They are looking for good knowledge sharing practices in the field of agricultural development and food security.  How have knowledge sharing practices, methods and tools enhanced your work and made your project more successful and effective?

In particular, how do you effectively:

Please go to for more information.


ONLINE RESOURCE: Eldis Community

Eldis Community is a free, not for profit, on-line community dedicated to people working in international development. Sign up now to get your free personal profile and website with a number of exciting features. Join groups and discussions, share documents and photos, network with other professionals and much, much more...



The Dark Knight and Game Theory
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Exploring Resilience Communities with John Robb
John Robb, master analyst of global guerilla warfare, is very pessimistic about the potential of the current global system to prevail. This means that he expects, like us, a strong trend towards relocalization. However, his vision is more radical since he expects a global breakdown. Hence, the need for a distributed network of resilient local communities, that can thrive amongst the chaos. [...] read part 1 (definition) and part 2 (infrastructure).

If Ecosystems Had Rights…
Ecuador may soon formally recognize that nature has its own inalienable legal rights. A constitutional assembly that is rewriting that nation’s Constitution has approved new articles that would treat ecosystems and natural communities as having fundamental rights to exist and flourish; they could not be treated as mere property. [...] read the full post here.

India's Mining Boom: Tribal Groups, Poor & Environment Losing Out
Make no mistake, India has a lot of mineral wealth in the ground. Iron, bauxite, gold, lead, zinc, manganese, coal and copper are some of the dozens of minerals found in almost half of its landmass. However, despite the recent heavy foreign investment into its thriving mining sector, a recent report by an Indian environmental non-profit points out that most of these valuable resources lie in areas that are either ecologically precarious or heavily populated with indigenous peoples [...] read the full post here

Farming Innovations in a Slum
Google Earth is one way to appreciate the crush in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Not surprisingly popular images of people living in desperate conditions aren’t far from the truth when it comes to this corner of Nairobi - but out of the madness comes a little hope. I witnessed some amazing innovations in Kibera and conclude that people have adjusted to their situation and are making the most of it.  Because of the stress associated with limitations on land, energy, water, and food the people have found innovative ways of surviving. This post is mainly about farming. [...] read the full post here.