Tuesday, September 16, 2008



The Dark Knight and Game Theory
If you have not already seen The Dark Knight, then you should read this post at a later time as to avoid spoilers after the jump.  Otherwise, follow the jump for a game theoretic discussion derived from the movie that has already broken two box office records for both best midnight opening and top first day revenue. [...] read the full post here.

Exploring Resilience Communities with John Robb
John Robb, master analyst of global guerilla warfare, is very pessimistic about the potential of the current global system to prevail. This means that he expects, like us, a strong trend towards relocalization. However, his vision is more radical since he expects a global breakdown. Hence, the need for a distributed network of resilient local communities, that can thrive amongst the chaos. [...] read part 1 (definition) and part 2 (infrastructure).

If Ecosystems Had Rights…
Ecuador may soon formally recognize that nature has its own inalienable legal rights. A constitutional assembly that is rewriting that nation’s Constitution has approved new articles that would treat ecosystems and natural communities as having fundamental rights to exist and flourish; they could not be treated as mere property. [...] read the full post here.

India's Mining Boom: Tribal Groups, Poor & Environment Losing Out
Make no mistake, India has a lot of mineral wealth in the ground. Iron, bauxite, gold, lead, zinc, manganese, coal and copper are some of the dozens of minerals found in almost half of its landmass. However, despite the recent heavy foreign investment into its thriving mining sector, a recent report by an Indian environmental non-profit points out that most of these valuable resources lie in areas that are either ecologically precarious or heavily populated with indigenous peoples [...] read the full post here

Farming Innovations in a Slum
Google Earth is one way to appreciate the crush in Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Not surprisingly popular images of people living in desperate conditions aren’t far from the truth when it comes to this corner of Nairobi - but out of the madness comes a little hope. I witnessed some amazing innovations in Kibera and conclude that people have adjusted to their situation and are making the most of it.  Because of the stress associated with limitations on land, energy, water, and food the people have found innovative ways of surviving. This post is mainly about farming. [...] read the full post here.

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