Wednesday, October 22, 2008


PUBLICATIONS: Various Publications of Interest

The Challenges of Formulating a Land Policy in a Post Conflict Context: The Case of Afghanistan by Yohannes Gebremedhin. UNDP Oslo Governance Centre Discussion Paper 4

Focusing on the experience of Afghanistan, this paper provides an introduction to the importance and challenges of formulating and implementing land policy in post-conflict environments for UNDP field staff. Although, this paper is not, and cannot be, a template for land policy in all post-conflict situations, there are basic principle that may be adapted in other post-conflict situations.

Download the paper (PDF, 345k)

Adaptive Collaborative Management Can Help Us Cope With Climate Change. CIFOR Infobrief No. 13.

Download the Brief (also available in Indonesian and soon in French and Spanish)

Development in Practice special issue on participatory research and gender analysis
The journal Development in Practice just published a special issue on 'Operationalising participatory research and gender analysis.' This publication is a final outcome from the CIMMYT-PRGA Program Impact Assessment Workshop of October 2005.

Abstracts are freely available via Offprints are available from the individual authors. Moreover those of you with access to informaworld on-line (either as individuals or through your institutions) can access the individual articles via

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