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EMPLOYMENT: Postdoctoral/ Research Fellow, Gender and Assets (IFPRI)

The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks an Economist to serve as a Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Fellow for a two (2) year, fixed term, renewable appointment in its Food Consumption and Nutrition Division (FCND). This position is based at IFPRI headquarters located in Washington, D.C but would involve travel to any of the countries in which IFPRI carries out its research. The successful candidate will play a key role in the implementation of our ongoing research efforts on gender and assets.

This position will be open until filled.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Director Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security Programme (CGIAR)

The CGIAR Challenge Programme “Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security” is seeking a well qualified candidate for the position of Director.

The successful incumbent will be both an inspiring scientific leader and excellent research manager. The Director will be responsible for the coordination, overall implementation and management of this multi-institutional, interdisciplinary collaborative Programme. The activities will take place in different geographic locations over different continents with the Director taking the lead in ensuring that the Programme delivers expected results, outcomes and impacts.

Apply by 8 December 2008.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Agricultural Innovation System Scientist (WARDA)

The Africa Rice Center (WARDA) is looking for a highly qualified and experienced Agricultural Innovation System Scientist, who will be part of a multi-disciplinary research team responsible for working to sustain and improve the rice sector in Africa consistent with WARDA's mission and strategy.

Applications will be considered up December 20, 2008 or until the position is filled.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Director of the CGIAR Challenge Program for Water and Food

A Director is being sought to lead the Challenge Program for Water and Food (CPWF). The CPWF focuses on one of the greatest global challenges, the need to feed all of humankind whilst at the same time managing water and other environmental resources sustainably - in the face of growing populations, declining water and land resources, and climate change.

The Secretariat is hosted by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. See and for additional information.

Applications must be received no later than January 15, 2009.   [more information]


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: AquaFish Collaborative Research Support Program

The AquaFish CRSP Management Entity at Oregon State University invites 26-month proposals focusing on aquaculture and the nexus between aquaculture and fisheries. 

Applicants will select an IEHA-country in Africa for operations and may involve other countries to broaden the potential impact of their results.

Proposals are Due 5 February 2009.   [more information]

Please note, that CRSP has set up an online facility to help link potential partners. To contact AquaFish CRSP, please send an email to CRSP Director at


FELLOWSHIP: Post-doc at The Beckman Institute

The University of Illinois has a three-year post-doctoral fellowship to offer through The Beckman Institute - an interdisciplinary research institute.

Social science applicants for the post-doctoral fellowships will be considered if their research is related to the Initiative on the
"Social Dimensions of Environmental Policy" (SDEP). The two initial themes for SDEP will include: climate-society interactions and environment-democracy linkages. Please note that the SDEP initiative is spanking new and is not yet listed on the Beckman web page.

Apply by December 1, 2008.   [more information]


FELLOWSHIPS: Sustainability Science (Harvard)

The Sustainability Science Program at Harvard University's Center for International Development invites applications for resident fellowships in sustainability science for the University's academic year beginning in September 2009. 

This year we will give some preference to applicants who address the challenges related to meeting human needs for water or food/agriculture/land use in the context of sustainable development. In addition to general funds available to support this fellowship offering, special funding for the Giorgio Ruffolo Fellowships in Sustainability Science is available to support citizens of Italy or developing countries who are therefore especially encouraged to apply.

Applications are due January 15, 2009.   [more information]


SCHOLARSHIPS: PhD in the areas of ecology, economics, and systems modeling

The ecoSERVICES Group at Arizona State University welcomes applications from prospective PhD students interested in the resilience and sustainability of coupled human-ecological systems, the economics of (renewable) natural resource management and decision-theoretic approaches to the management and valuation of ecosystem services.  This is an opportunity for students to develop competence across applied ecology, economics, and systems modeling.

Preliminary inquiries may be made to individual faculty, but applications need to be submitted through either the School of Life Sciences or the School of Sustainability.

The deadline for applications is 15 December 2008.   [more information]


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Masters in Sustainable Tropical Forestry

A consortium of 5 European Universities offers an integrated two-year world-class Masters Course in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR). Around 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships (€ 21,000 per year per student) are expected to be available for third-country students. Applications must be received no later than 16 January 2009. EU/EEA-EFTA applications must be received no later than 14 August 2009.

[more information and application form]


CALL FOR PAPERS: Property Rights and Sustainability

The conference "Property Rights and Sustainability: the evolution of property rights to meet the challenges of sustainability" aims to stimulate debate about property rights and the objectives of sustainability. The intention is to provide a forum to discuss how property rights and responsibilities may be applied or adapted in a way that addresses ecological problems in a more coherent and sustainable way.

The conference will be held  from Thursday 16 – Saturday 18, April 2009 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Abstracts should be received by 1 December 2008.
[more information]


CALL FOR PAPERS: Rural Cooperation in the 21st Century Lessons from the Past, Pathways to the Future

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Management of the Hebrew University will host an international workshop on " Rural Cooperation in the 21st Century Lessons from the Past, Pathways to the Future". The workshop will take place at  the campus of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences in Rehovot, Israel, during June 15-17, 2009.

Submit your abstract before December 31, 2008.   [more information]


CALL FOR PAPERS: International Sustainable Development Research Conference

The International Sustainable Development Research Society is pleased to announce its 15th annual conference to be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands from July 5-8th, 2009. The conference will provide a very exiting platform and context for global sustainable development scientific research, policy and practice. The central theme of the conference is "Taking Up the Global Challenge: Analysing the implementation of innovations and governance for sustainable development".

Abstract submission before January 1, 2009.    [more information]


NEWS: Causes of Poverty in Bangladesh

A study of one of CAPRi's ongoing projects on Gender and Collective Action was recently finalized. The research is currently under review as a CAPRi Working paper but a press release from the University of Bath allows a preview of some of the results:

Study reveals marriage dowry as major cause of poverty in Bangladesh
More than 35 million people in Bangladesh, around a quarter of its population, face acute poverty and hunger. Dowry payments of more than 200 times the daily wage and costly medical expenses are major causes of this chronic poverty says research from the University of Bath. (...) read more at


RESOURCE: Access to Journals (JSTOR)

JSTOR  provides free access to scholarly journals to African countries.  JSTOR waives the standard participation fees (the Archive Capital Fee and the Annual Access Fee) for any not for profit institution in a country on the continent of Africa - eligible countries in Africa.

Today, JSTOR is launching the Developing Nations Access Initiative. Under this initiative, not-for-profit institutions in 41 additional countries may gain access to the archive free of charge or at very low costs.

For further information regarding participation and fees, contact JSTOR Library Relations:



The Earth Portal is a comprehensive resource for timely, objective, science-based information about the environment. It is a means for the global scientific community to come together to produce the first free, expert-driven, massively scaleable information resource on the environment, and to engage civil society in a public dialogue on the role of environmental issues in human affairs. It contains no commercial advertising and reaches a large global audience.

[more information]



Innovation, information, communication - maximising research impact
An important change in the discourse on agricultural and rural development is the emergence of an ‘innovation systems perspective’ that focuses on interactions among different actors working to bring change. According to Hall, the innovation systems perspective fundamentally recognizes that the determinants of innovation, as a process of generating, accessing and putting knowledge into use, are the interactions of different people and their ideas, and the social setting of these interactions and relationships. (...) read the full post on the euforic blog

Creating New Forest Commons
From Northern Woodlands Magazine an article about a forest commons movement the Vermont Town Forest Project - A Forest for Every Town:
"Food is one of our basic needs, so it makes sense that many of these movements focus on it. No less essential to society, however, are other goods and services, which small groups of people in communities across the nation are trying to encourage with “buy local” campaigns. It makes sense that our other basic needs – water and shelter – can also be met locally." (...) read the full post at Resilience Science.

"Flow" Documents World Water Crisis
Another excellent film about the privatization of water and the brave efforts to fight it — Flow: For Love of Water — is opening in theaters around the U.S. The documentary, directed by Irena Salina, interviews scientists and activists around the world about the growing global water crisis. (...) read the full post at

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This Week's Posts


EMPLOYMENT: 3 Researchers at ILRI

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) seeks to recruit three professionals for its Livestock Market Opportunities Theme.

The official applications deadlines have passed but ILRI has indicated that these positions remain open, and that they will continue receiving applications until they are filled.

1) Agricultural Economist /Senior Agricultural Economist (Value Chains and Development)
Position Ref: MK/EVD/10/08 based at ILRI’s office in Delhi, India. Screening to begin on 03rd November 2008

(2) Agricultural Economist/Senior Agricultural Economist (Demand and Sector Analysis)
Position Ref: MK/EDA/10/08 based at ILRI’s campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Screening to begin on 22nd October 2008.

(3) Social Scientist (Analysis of Impacts of Livestock Disease and its Mitigation)
Position Ref: MK/SLD/10/08, based at ILRI’s campus in Nairobi, Kenya. Screening to begin on 03rd November 2008.

[more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Coordinator for a Pilot Learning Site of the Sub-Saharan Challenge Program

CORAF/ WECARD is seeking to recruit a Coordinator for the Kano/ Katsina/ Maradi (KKM) Pilot Learning Site (PLS) of the Sub-Saharan Challenge Program (SSA CP) of the CGIAR. The coordinator shall be based in Kano, NIgeria and work under the direct supervision of the Director of Programs of CORAF/WECARD.

Closing date is November 13, 2008.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Sr. Program Officer, Livelihoods and Governance (WWF)

World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the global conservation organization, seeks a Senior Program Officer in its Livelihoods and Governance Program to support WWF policy initiatives on indigenous peoples and local communities, with a particular focus on indigenous and social equity issues relevant to WWFs Forest-based Carbon Network Initiative. The SPO will also advise other WWF policy programs on these issues and support general development and implementation of WWF principles for partnership with indigenous peoples and local communities. Maintains relationships with key actors in these areas, ensures effective communication and undertakes fundraising activities to support program goals.

Position (Req Number: 29069) will close November 15, 12008.   [more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Applied Agricultural Economist (ICARDA)

The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has an immediate vacancy for the position of Agricultural Economist under its Social, Economic and Policy Research (SEPR) Program. The position is based at ICARDA's headquarters in Aleppo, Syria. The post holder will report directly to the Program Director while focusing his/her work on assessing the adoption and impact of ICARDA's research outputs mainly in the area of crop improvement research. He/she will initiate and implement research projects and studies using advanced methodologies for assessing agricultural risks and households' vulnerability throughout ICARDA's mandate regions.

Applications must be received by 30 November 2008.
[more information]


EMPLOYMENT: Director of Impact Evaluation & Monitoring (KickStart)

KickStart is a data and impacts driven organization that uses a systematic, statistically valid methodology to monitor the socio-economic impacts of its market based program. We are now looking to hire a full-time Development Economist / Director of Impact Evaluation & Monitoring (DIEM) to lead the process of further innovating, upgrading and expanding our impact measurement systems.

Deadline for application is November 25, 2008.   [more information]


FELLOWSHIP: Helleiner Visiting Fellowship (NSI)

The North-South Institute is pleased to invite applications for its annual Visiting Researcher position. The Fellowship is named after Professor Emeritus G.K. Helleiner, one of Canada 's leading academics on international development issues, who has dedicated many years to working in Africa and other developing countries and is a founding member and former Chair of the North-South Institute.

Deadline is November 15, 2008.   [more information]


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Gender and Innovation: understanding their mutual influence and impacts (IDRC)

This call aims to examine gender from a wider perspective of innovation systems in developing countries. It will support research towards understanding impediments to innovation processes being influenced by women, opportunities to promote greater involvement and influence by women and the differential impacts (real and perceived) of existing innovation systems on women.

Closure date: December 19, 2008.   [more information]

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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: World Congress on Agroforestry (ICRAF)

The 2nd World Congress on Agroforestry ( from 23 to 28 August 2009 in Nairobi) will assess opportunities to leverage scientific agroforestry in promoting sustainable land use worldwide. The Congress will serve as a forum for agroforestry researchers, educators, practitioners and policy makers from around the world to:

Last date for abstract: 30 November 2008.   [more information]


EVENT: International Conference on Decentralization, Local Power and Women's Rights (IDRC)

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is pleased to announce the International Conference on Decentralization, local power and women’s rights: Global trends in participation, representation and access to public services. The conference is being organized by IDRC in partnership with the Government of Mexico through the Status of Women Mexico (INMUJERES) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). It will be held November 18 - 21, 2008 in Mexico City at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Anthropology Museum. This international conference will explore the impact that decentralization policies and women’s participation in local government have had on women’s rights and access to public services.

[more information]


EVENT: Inter- and transdisciplinary research on sustainable resource use

The Workshop is organised by the specialist group "Dryland Research" of the German Society of Ecology and promoted and financially supported by the Helmholtz Interdisciplinary GRADuate School for Environmental Research HIGRADE at the UFZ. Attached you find the first announcement.

It will be held at the Helmholtz-Centre of Environmental Research (UFZ), Leipzig from 30 January 2009 to 1 February 2009.

Online Registration and submission of contributions is possible until December 12, 2008.   [more information]

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PUBLICATIONS: Gender, Impact Assessment, Collaborative Inquiry

Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook

The Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook presents a rich compilation of experiences, some of them ongoing, in which agricultural projects have incorporated gender-related components or adapted their operations to allow for gender variables and engage issues that affect men and women differently. These very often carry great practical consequence for the respective potentials of men and women as agricultural producers.
Download the Sourcebook at

Participatory Impact Assessment: a Guide for Practitioners

The Feinstein International Center has been developing and adapting participatory approaches to measure the impact of livelihoods based interventions since the early nineties. Drawing upon this experience, the guide aims to provide practitioners with a broad framework for carrying out project level Participatory Impact Assessments (PIA) of livelihoods interventions in the humanitarian sector.
Download a PDF copy of the guide here.

A Guide to Collaborative Inquiry and Social Engagement

This book represents a significant international effort to support the creation and mobilization of practical, authentic knowledge for social change. The guiding principle behind SAS2 (Social Analysis Systems, is that group dialogue and social inquiry are crucial for local and global development. Social issues must be addressed socially and in a multistakeholder mode, not by private interests and experts alone, and the insights that emerge fully integrated into processes of knowledge production, planning, and decision-making.
[more information]



Women Feeding Cities - Mainstreaming gender in urban agriculture and food security (forthcoming book)
Poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition have become critical urban problems. To confront this major challenge, food production in and around cities is an important strategy, contributing not only to food security and adequate nutrition but also stimulating supplementary income generation and social inclusion among low-income, vulnerable households in urban and peri-urban areas. (...) read the full post at CityFarmer.

Clearing a path for Mexico's community forests
Communal tenure has a long history in Mexico but it was only relatively recently that constitutional reforms gave communities clearer ownership over their forests and new opportunities to manage them. An increasing number of indigenous communities are now legally harvesting and processing their own timber. read the full post at the New Agriculturist.

We have Maasai to learn on climate change…
A recent report published by Oxfam International outlines that pastoralists like the Maasai can provide the modern world with many skills and techniques on how to adapt to harsher climates. (...) read the full post at The Agrobiodiversity Grapevine.

Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth
How institutions do and do not work for development is intensely debated, especially the link to economic growth. And state-business relations are of immense importance. For the latest research check out the redesigned website of Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (go here). (...) read the full post at Ending World Poverty.