Thursday, November 06, 2008



Women Feeding Cities - Mainstreaming gender in urban agriculture and food security (forthcoming book)
Poverty, food insecurity and malnutrition have become critical urban problems. To confront this major challenge, food production in and around cities is an important strategy, contributing not only to food security and adequate nutrition but also stimulating supplementary income generation and social inclusion among low-income, vulnerable households in urban and peri-urban areas. (...) read the full post at CityFarmer.

Clearing a path for Mexico's community forests
Communal tenure has a long history in Mexico but it was only relatively recently that constitutional reforms gave communities clearer ownership over their forests and new opportunities to manage them. An increasing number of indigenous communities are now legally harvesting and processing their own timber. read the full post at the New Agriculturist.

We have Maasai to learn on climate changeā€¦
A recent report published by Oxfam International outlines that pastoralists like the Maasai can provide the modern world with many skills and techniques on how to adapt to harsher climates. (...) read the full post at The Agrobiodiversity Grapevine.

Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth
How institutions do and do not work for development is intensely debated, especially the link to economic growth. And state-business relations are of immense importance. For the latest research check out the redesigned website of Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (go here). (...) read the full post at Ending World Poverty.

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