Monday, November 24, 2008



Innovation, information, communication - maximising research impact
An important change in the discourse on agricultural and rural development is the emergence of an ‘innovation systems perspective’ that focuses on interactions among different actors working to bring change. According to Hall, the innovation systems perspective fundamentally recognizes that the determinants of innovation, as a process of generating, accessing and putting knowledge into use, are the interactions of different people and their ideas, and the social setting of these interactions and relationships. (...) read the full post on the euforic blog

Creating New Forest Commons
From Northern Woodlands Magazine an article about a forest commons movement the Vermont Town Forest Project - A Forest for Every Town:
"Food is one of our basic needs, so it makes sense that many of these movements focus on it. No less essential to society, however, are other goods and services, which small groups of people in communities across the nation are trying to encourage with “buy local” campaigns. It makes sense that our other basic needs – water and shelter – can also be met locally." (...) read the full post at Resilience Science.

"Flow" Documents World Water Crisis
Another excellent film about the privatization of water and the brave efforts to fight it — Flow: For Love of Water — is opening in theaters around the U.S. The documentary, directed by Irena Salina, interviews scientists and activists around the world about the growing global water crisis. (...) read the full post at

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