Wednesday, December 03, 2008


CALL FOR PAPERS: Session on Innovative Approaches to IWRM for ISSRM

Saravanan.V.S and Peter Mollinga are proposing a session at the International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) 2009 at Vienna, Austria in July 5-8, 2009.  This is a scientific meeting for academic, government bureaucrats, researchers, students, land managers and NGO representatives who are broadly interested in the human dimensions of natural resources and the environment. 

The proposed session aims to bring together the current polarised discourse facing the theory and practice of IWRM, without offering any constructive alternative to integrate water management.  On one hand, it has a strong normative and prescriptive ethics (such as rational choice institutionalism, social learning and adaptive management) on ‘how to integrate’. On the other hand, critics (from political ecology, hydropolitics and water politics) argue ‘how integration cannot be achieved’.  Both these discourses have their strengths – prescriptive ethics and strategic realism, which this session aims to complement.  We welcome contribution in identifying the challenges and opportunities involved in complementing these two discourses.  The contribution can be from theoretical literatures, empirical research, methodological discussions and application of transdisciplinary knowledge to understand and facilitate integration of water resource management. 

You can contact Saravanan.V.S at s.saravanan [at] or  vssaravzef [at]

Proposals for coordinated paper sessions & special sessions are due January 20, 2009.

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