Wednesday, December 03, 2008



Wikiforêts: Knowledge Base for African Forests
Just this week I came across a great example of using technology to harness and save local African knowledge and content. It’s called Wikiforêts, and it’s a living dictionary and encyclopedia, bringing together French speaking Africans who can share their knowledge of the indigenous forests in West and Central Africa. (...) read the full post at White African.

Governance for a Crowded Planet: The Need to Leap and to Innovate
In March, Jeffrey Sachs published his latest book Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet – an urgent plea for societies across the globe to reduce and better manage their impact on the earth’s ecosystems if we want to survive and prosper in an ever more crowded world. (...) read the full post at People, Spaces, Deliberation. You will also find Part II of this post there.

When should we collaborate?
Is it collaboration when you’re sent the yearly performance review spreadsheet and instructed to assess your staff’s performance? Absolutely not; it’s an act of co-ordination. Everyone is working separately to achieve the overall goal of conducting the performance reviews. Only a modicum of trust is required (trust in the system) to get the job done. (...) read the full post at Anecdote.

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