Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Changes in CAPRi News

Apologies for the long silence. Several weeks of vacation and in particular my move from Washington, DC to Brasil and out of IFPRI to the life of an independent consultant, has required much more of my time than anticipated.

With this update, I am resuming the task of updating you with information related to collective action and property rights, but following the survey we conducted last year, we have decided to change the format a bit. Instead of a onetime update every one or two weeks, we will start updating the blog more frequently, offering 3 different options for you to get the information:

1. Once a week summary

How often?  This summary will be sent out in the frequency you are used to.

What do you receive? You will not receive all the information, but only a table of contents of the posts from the previous week or two. In addition, you will receive all of our own updates (papers, calls etc.).

How do you subscribe?  If you are subscribed to the Capri-L list (you receive the CAPRi News emails from my CGIAR account), then you do not have to do anything. If you are not yet on the CAPRi-L list, then go to to subscribe.

2. Daily digest

How often?  Once daily, if something was posted.

What do you receive?  The full contents of the items posted the previous day (this does also include our own updates).

How do you subscribe?  You can subscribe directly on the blog. Click, the second link under the CAPRi logo on the right (it reads ‘Subscribe to CAPRi News by Email’).

3. RSS Feed

How often?  As the item is posted

What do you receive?  The full content of the blog as the items are posted.

How do you subscribe?  Pick up the feed here. If you want to know more about RSS, how it works and how to get started, you can go here.

Please let us know id you have any questions or concerns. As always you can reach us at capri@cgiar,org. We are looking into additional changes based on the survey, and are looking forward to receiving more of your feedback.


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