Friday, February 20, 2009


NEW BLOG/WEB MAGAZINE: People and Places

EcoTrust started a new blog/web magazine called People and Place:

Some relationships are long familiar. Boy meets girl. Summer turns to fall. Other connections are newly recognized or scarcely affirmed. The DNA we share. The biosphere that supports all life.

What are the ties that draw people together and to place? How have these connections – and our understandings – evolved over time? What social-ecological relationships support a more reliable prosperity? How is meaningful change accelerated?

Part weblog, part web-based journal, People and Place hosts an inquiry on ideas that connect us.

The first issue is on Resilience Thinking and can be found at Articles that seem of interest include: Agency and Community Resilience , Large-Scale and Small-Scale Fisheries, Six Habits of Highly Resilient Organizations.

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