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CAPRi Working Papers 92-94

CAPRi Working Paper 92: Forest Incomes after Uganda's Forest Sector Reform: Are the Rural Poor Gaining?
by Pamela Jagger

Forest sector governance reform is frequently promoted as a policy tool for achieving favorable livelihood outcomes in the low income tropics. However, there is a dearth of empirical evidence to support this claim, particularly at the household level. Drawing on the case of a major forest sector governance reform implemented in Uganda in 2003, this study seeks to fill that gap. (...) read more - download the paper

CAPRi Working Paper 93: Effectiveness of bylaws in the management of natural resources: The West African experience
by Koffi Alinon, and Antoine Kalinganire

The role of various stakeholders in the management of natural resources is not clear in the West African countries. This paper discusses the historical changes in power delegation from central origins to peripheral institutions. The analysis covers the rise of bylaws across the Western African countries and links the multiplicity of bylaws to the amplification of the decentralization movement. (...) read more - download the paper

CAPRi Working Paper 94: Everyday Forms of Collective Action in Bangladesh: Learning from Fifteen Cases
by Peter Davis

This paper examines fifteen cases of collective action in six villages in rural Bangladesh. Collective action was defined broadly and identified from significant episodes in previous life-history research in the same villages. The types of collective action identified were catalyzed by marriage; dowry and domestic violence; disputes over land; illness, injury and death in accidents; and theft and cheating. (...) read more - download the paper

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