Wednesday, March 04, 2009


EMPLOYMENT: Project Coordinator, Rural Poverty and Environment

In partnership with the International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD), IDRC will launch the Scaling-up Rural Campesinos Innovation project (based mainly on IFAD Peru experiences over the past 15 years and the joint research efforts of IDRC and IFAD in the specific Corredor Puno-Cusco project). This initiative will seek to identify, understand and expand the use of successful rural innovations that value the strategies and assets of the rural poor and encourage public policies and investment that facilitate the sustained, decentralized scaling-up over the Andean region of these innovations.

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, the Project Coordinator, under the guidance of the Program Leader, Rural Poverty and Environment (RPE) Program Initiative within the Environment and Natural Resources Management (ENRM) Program Area of IDRC and the Regional Office Director, will ensure the delivery of this initiative. In addition to being responsible for research management, the Project Coordinator will be responsible, during the Initiative‚s initial start-up period, for developing a draft design of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system, and draft characteristics of mid-term and final evaluations. The Project Coordinator will also be responsible for forming the Initiative Advisory Committee.

Closing Date: March 22, 2009 (tentative) [more information in English, Información adicional en Español]

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