Wednesday, March 18, 2009


ONLINE RESOURCE: Commercial Pressures on Land Initiative

The International Land Coalition started a research/ stock-taking initiative on commercial pressures on land. Raising global awareness amongst the international community, deepening the issue’s understanding through research based activities and advocating for effective measures to be adopted through a constant engagement into international fora, are the objectives at the centre of the initiative ILC is leading on Commercial Pressures on Land. This initiative intends to promote a wide collaboration between CSOs, IGOs and research based institutes.

To achieve these objectives, the International Land Coalition has launched the following activities:

1. Compilation and regular update of an annotated bibliography of documents coming from a number of relevant CSOs, IGOs and research institutes addressing the issue, a case studies database and a collection of relevant press articles coming from the international media;

2. Facilitation of a collaborative research project on Commercial Pressures on Land. Launched at the beginning of 2009, this study is intended to provide a global overview of ongoing land acquisitions, to analyze its underlying causes and mechanisms and to explore related risks and opportunities for local poor land users.

3. Engagement into relevant international fora, ensured either by ILC member organizations or by Secretariat staff.

All documents, reports, studies, case studies and press articles are made available on this web section through the ILC Commercial Pressures blog. This is a moderated space within ILC website where interested users are welcome to share resources and opinions. Detailed information about ILC’s engagement into international events, reports, presentations, background papers and summaries are available into this section’s dedicated pages.

To receive updates go to the blog and subscribe to the RSS feed or the email list.

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