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Reforming property rights

This column explores the security of property rights and the various channels through which they affect economic activity. It demonstrates a strong correlation between secure property rights and economic development and discusses the institutional challenges involved. Property rights reform is no panacea, and it faces difficult political economy hurdles in some countries. (...)

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Resilience, sustainability, and loosely-coupled systems

The NIST smart grid interoperability roadmap workshop I attended last week has gotten me thinking about the similarities between system architecture (as the computer systems folks call it) and institutional design (as we political economy social scientists call it). (...)

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Change is dead

What?!? I hear you say. Change is dead? But isn't everybody talking about the pace of change, change management, how to be more resilient in the face of change? And the Buddhists in the group are going, but, everything is change, change is all. Yep. And that's the point actually. (...)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


CAPRi POSITION: Communications Specialist

Dear CAPRi colleagues and friends,

CAPRi and IFPRI are looking for a Communications Specialist, as a successor to Stephan Dohrn. We are looking for someone with a background in institutions of collective action and property rights to work with the CAPRi program, and IFPRI’s Communications Division.

The Communications Specialist will provide leadership for CAPRi’s communications activities and contribute to the management of ongoing CAPRi projects, and, as part of IFPRI's Library and Knowledge Management team, promote and facilitate institutional learning through the implementation of effective knowledge sharing approaches and tools.

The position is open until filled. [more information]

We would appreciate your help in circulating this to good candidates for the position.

Ruth Meinzen-Dick
Coordinator, CGIAR System-wide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi)

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Community-based experiences with climate change

Are you experiencing the impacts of climate change? The Frontlines Forum seeks community-based experiences with climate change: impacts, opportunities and adaptation strategies. It provides a platform for sharing observations, concerns and innovations. They invite contributions from indigenous or rural communities in small islands, high altitudes, the Arctic, desert margins and other vulnerable environments.

Deadline: 15 July 2009 [more information]

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


CONSULTING OPPORTUNITY: Technical Support to Commercial Pressure on Land Study

ILC Secretariat is looking for an individual or institution to support a global study on on Commercial Pressures on Land (CPL). This will include the technical coordination of the project at the global level to ensure coherence and consistency in the production of the individual reports throughout the process leading to the publication of the final report. The Technical Support Provider will also be responsible to produce an overall synthesis report that draws together the different chapter reports to identify transversal issues, trends, impacts and opportunities, and to advance understanding of the phenomenon in such a way as to enable appropriate responses.

Deadline for submissions: Friday 29th May. [more information]

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Monday, May 18, 2009


EMPLOYMENT: Senior Social Scientist (IWMI)

The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) seeks to recruit a highly qualified senior scientist in the field of social science to lead research at scales from local to international on institutions, governance, power and politics and their effects on water use, development, management and decision making and how those in turn impact sustainability and success of water management interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. The position will be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or any other IWMI office in Africa and reports to the Theme Leader on Water and Society.

Deadline: 5 June 2009 or until the position is filled. [more information]

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This Week's Posts

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food (ISDA 2010)

The Symposium Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food - ISDA 2010 will be held from June 28 to July 1, 2010 in Montpellier (France). This symposium is promoted by CIRAD, INRA and Montpellier SupAgro to collectively address the following question:

Facing the crisis and growing uncertainties, can science and societies reinvent agricultural and food systems to achieve sustainability?

You are invited this symposium to reflect upon future choices, design appropriate scientific agendas, and help renew actions and policies so that innovation systems can better achieve sustainability. Researchers from all disciplines are welcome, as well as stakeholders and policy makers, from Northern and Southern countries.

Please submit abstracts before September 15, 2009. [more information]

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Monday, May 11, 2009


EMPLOYMENT: Deputy DG and Impact Assessment Scientist (CIFOR)

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is looking for a dynamic and visionary Deputy Director General and an Impact Assessment Scientist.

Deputy Director General

The Deputy Director General is responsible for leading, planning, executing, managing, and monitoring CIFOR’s global research for development activities. This role requires coordination of activities across three research programs and six cross-cutting research domain teams, in addition to support from information, human resources, and finance and administration services units.

[more information]

Impact Assessment Scientist

CIFOR is looking for an Impact Assessment Scientist to conduct Natural Resources Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting.

[more information]

Applications for both vacancies will be accepted until the positions are filled.

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CALL FOR IDEAS: Farm Foundation Competition for Innovative Agricultural Solutions

The Farm Foundation has organized a competition seeking innovative and promising public policy ideas in global financial markets and recession, food security, energy security, climate change, competition for natural resources and economic development. Who: The competition is open to anyone with an interest in the public policy issues.

Deadline is 1 June 2009 by 5 pm. [more information]

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Thursday, May 07, 2009


EMPLOYMENT: PostDoc, Human Development and Africa

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future invites applications for a post-doctoral research fellow to work on topics related to human development and Africa. The research fellow will help develop an Africa-focused research program at the Pardee Center, around the theme of Africa 2060. We are interested in candidates with strong analytical skills, substantive knowledge and experience, and an interest and ability to study continent-wide (or sub-regional), longer-range trends and prospects in human development in Africa.

Candidatures will be considered until the position is filled. [more information]

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


SCHOLARSHIPS: RUFORUM in Agriculture Graduate Scholarships

The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building (RUFORUM) is offering a limited number of scholarships for an MSc program in Research Methods. The program aims to produce research methods specialists who will be able to work across the social, economic and biophysical sciences and who will be able to make solid contributions to enhancing the effectiveness of modern, integrative research. The course is highly practical, built around research being carried out in East and Southern Africa.

Who: Graduates in Statistics or Applied Maths who are fascinated by Agriculture and Rural Development, or those with a background in Agriculture or Biology background and are comfortable with Maths. Note that, applicants should first apply to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture (JKUAT) for admission to the program. Admission to the program is a prerequisite for consideration for the scholarship.

Deadline for admission at JKUAT is 30 May 2009.   [more information]

Via CGIAR G&D Funding News

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SURVEY: IASC membership survey

The International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC), which many of you are members of is conducting a membership survey. Since they are not only interested in their current members' opinions, but also in those of past and prospective members, I am forwarding this to this list.

The Membership Strategy Improvement Survey will take you only a few minutes to fill out. You can answer this online by clicking the following link:

They will start analyzing the results on May 19th, so make sure you fill out the form before then. If you have additional ideas feel free to share them by sending an e-mail to

If you want to know more about IASC go to their website and to join the Association click here.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


PUBLICATION: Policy Brief on "Land Grabbing"

IFPRI just published a Policy Brief entitled “Land Grabbing” by Foreign Investors in Developing Countries: Risks and Opportunities and authored by Joachim von Braun and Ruth Meinzen-Dick:

Foreign investment can provide key resources for agriculture, but only if arrangements are properly negotiated, practices are sustainable, and benefits are shared. You can access the brief and a map that visualizes some cases on the IFPRI website.

Here is some press coverage on this phenomenon and the brief:

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CALL FOR PAPERS: 2nd round, Decentralization, Power & Forest Tenure Rights

The symposium is organised by Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group and the Law and Governance Group of Wageningen University (the Netherlands) to be held during 27-28 October 2009 in the Sadguru Foundation- Chosala campus, Dahod, Gujarat, India. From the 1st call of papers, we received some excellent studies from over 20 countries. We are pleased to announce 2nd (and final) Call of Papers for the symposium.

Abstracts should be sent no later than 10 August 2009. Please state: "2nd call symposium abstract/last name" in the email subject line. [more information]

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Monday, May 04, 2009


EMPLOYMENT: Research Scientist, Global Research Project Leader (ICRAF)

The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) is recruiting an experienced research scientist to lead its work on policies, institutions and incentives for enhancing the multi-functionality of rural landscapes in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The position is based at ICRAF’S headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Applications will be considered until 18 May 2009. [more information]

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