Monday, June 15, 2009


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The Australian Leadership Awards

The Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) program aims to develop leadership, build partnerships and linkages within the Asia-Pacific, and address priority regional issues. The ALA program is comprised of Scholarships and Fellowships. Awardees are selected from the public, private and community sectors within countries where Australia has a significant aid program. Scholars also undertake an extensive Leadership Development Program while in Australia.

The Scholarships are intended for those who are already leaders, or have the potential to assume leadership roles. ALA Scholarships target those whose chosen field of study equips them to play a significant role in addressing, researching or combating regional development issues. AusAID’s priority areas are disability, economic growth, education, environment, food security, gender, governance, health, human rights, infrastructure, regional stability, rural development and water & sanitation.

Deadline is 30 June 2009. [more information]

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