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PUBLICATIONS: Participatory Impact and Legal Tools

Participatory Impact Assessment: a Guide for Practitioners

Participatory Impact Guide now available in French and Spanish

The Feinstein International Center has been developing and adapting participatory approaches to measure the impact of livelihoods based interventions since the early nineties. Drawing upon this experience, the guide aims to provide practitioners with a broad framework for carrying out project level Participatory Impact Assessments (PIA) of livelihoods interventions in the humanitarian sector. Other than in some health, nutrition, and water interventions in which indicators of project performance should relate to international standards, for many interventions there are no 'gold standards' for measuring project impact. This guide aims to bridge this gap by outlining a tried and tested approach to measuring the impact of livelihoods projects. The tools in the guide have been field tested over the past two years in a major research effort, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and involving five major humanitarian NGOs working across Africa.

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Legal tools for citizen empowerment: Getting a better deal for natural resource investment in Africa - Highlights and lessons learned (2006-2009)
by Lorenzo Cotula

This note aims to take stock of what we have learned so far, consolidate a conceptual framework for moving forward, and link up with interested people. It summarises highlights from the first two and a half years of the programme, including insights from our research on the legal levers that can be used to maximise local voice and benefit (from local land rights to investor-state contracts through to community-investor partnerships), as well as a few milestones in our work on legal literacy training, exchange of experience and policy advocacy.

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