Thursday, July 09, 2009


ONLINE RESOURCE: New PREVAL Web Portal in Spanish and English

PREVAL is launching its new bi-lingual web portal in Spanish and English, focusing on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) for rural development. Based on the concept of the Web 2.0, it provides opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaborative inter-learning, including On-line Courses and Communities of Practice, as well as a specialist electronic network and the PREVAL electronic Newsletter, which provides news and information on courses and events and job opportunities in the region on a regular basis. It includes BANSES, a database on PM&E experts that allows you to register and conduct searches on individuals and/or organisations according to their services.

The portal also includes PREVAL Publications and a Virtual Library featuring some one hundred publications by Approaches and Evaluation Areas; Useful Links, and a page on Specialist Issues, including guidance for those wishing to develop and implement Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and conduct systematisations, evaluations, participatory impact assessments and image-based evaluation, amongst others. The section on Good Practice is worth highlighting, with its methodological notes from IFAD co-funded projects in Latin America, as well as a Multimedia space with videos, photographs and audio clips developed both by IFAD-supported and other rural development projects. The portal was developed in partnership with CONDESAN-INFOANDINA (CGIAR).

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