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PUBLICATIONS: Landmarks for Sustainability/ Guide to Organizational Change

Landmarks for Sustainability

Landmarks for Sustainability is a high-impact, quick-reference guide to many of the most critical events and initiatives that have shaped our world, and the sustainable development agenda, over the past 20 years and more. These include high-profile historic events — such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Rio Earth Summit, the anti-globalisation protests in Seattle and Genoa and the collapse of Enron — as well as more subtle but no less important developments, such as trends in fairtrade, ethical codes and sustainable investment.

Free to view/download: Introduction and Chapter 3: Climate change


The barefoot guide to working with organisations and social change This is a practical do-it-yourself guide for people wanting to learn about and facilitate organisational change. It was developed in South Africa by an international team of practitioners and activists and includes tried-and-tested concepts, approaches, cases and activities. The guide offers a perspective on the importance of supporting local sovereignty of local organisations and social movements for meaningful social change. It provides a range of approaches to self-understanding of such organisations as well as to understanding the role of people wanting to facilitate organisational change. It gives particular attention to relationships and power dynamics during this process. It includes tools for learning about how organisations move through various phases of development, how change can be facilitated and the challenges faced in bringing about and sustaining change.

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