Tuesday, September 29, 2009


PUBLICATIONS: Two New IFPRI Papers on Water Management

Two new IFPRI papers examine issues of water management. Mark Svendsen, Mandy Ewing, and Siwa Msangi measure irrigation performance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The paper develops indicators to look at the performance of the irrigation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, where demand for food is high and irrigation has a proven potential to boost levels of agricultural productivity. By looking at six indicator categories—institutional framework, water resource use, irrigation area, irrigation technology, agricultural productivity, and poverty and food security—we assess the potential for improving performance in the agricultural food security sector through increasing irrigation sector investments. (. . .) The disproportionate contribution to agricultural production of Africa’s small irrigated area suggests that returns on additional investment in irrigation would be high, both in terms of greater food security for the continent and greater production of export-quality agricultural goods. [full article]

Nancy McCarthy and Timothy Essam look at the impact of water user associations on agricultural productivity in Chile.

This paper uses combined household- and community-level data collected from the Maule Region (VII) of Chile to evaluate factors affecting the decision to participate in yearly irrigation maintenance activities, and the influence of current behavior on farm revenues. Empirical results indicate that water user association characteristics explain much of the variation in participation decisions, contribution amounts, variable input purchases, and subsequent farm revenues. [full article]

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