Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Significance of Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel

Over on the IFPRI blog, CAPRi coordinator Ruth Meinzen-Dick offers some thoughts on The Significance of Elinor Ostrom’s Nobel.

From this vantage point, let me point out two aspects of Prof. Ostrom’s work that are noteworthy, especially for a Nobel Laureate in Economics Sciences. The first is that her work is grounded in empirical observations. She draws on theory, but also questions the underlying assumptions and tests them against the actual behavior of people and institutions. (. . . ) The second significant aspect of her work is that she is transcends disciplines. A political scientist who wins the highest prize in economics, she works with the whole range of social scientists, but also with foresters, ecologists, mathematicians, . . . the list goes on.

Her complete post is available here. Meanwhile, Stephan Dohrn (who previously managed this blog) uses the occasion of Blog Action Day to offer some reflections on how Ostrom’s work is relevant to the discussion about climate change.


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